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Sort by Tune

Intelligent Playlist Reordering.

Built with the Spotify api.

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Sort by Tune
Sort by Tune leverages metrics such as Energy, Key, and BPM to help you reorder any Spotify playlist. It matches tracks together to create playlists with flow, rhythm and harmony.

Sort by Tune makes it easy to find and fine-tune your perfect order.


Autmatically reorder playlists using Energy, Beat, Key & Sound

Choose Next

Choose Next

Find the best follow up for any track.



Jump tracks around your playlist, easily find their perfect position.



Lock tracks in place + move them together.

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"how many times I've thought to myself..if only such a thing existed..and finally I decided to search and there it was...beyond my wildest dreams"

"I'm all about music + tech, and this is the most useful playlist tool I've found in years, the intelligent re-ordering function is pure 🔥"

"Terrific utility... My playlists are hugely improved!"

"Thanks for making something so gawdamn useful!"

"I really, really love the choose next track function. Truly a groundbreaking way to reorder a playlist."

"Absolutely love this - have used a lot of Spotify utilities but this is definitely my favourite now."

"Top, top, top piece of work. Love it and has seriously helped me with some party playlists. Thanks"

"for any playlist, lock a few selected opening tracks... and let that black magic sort the rest."

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I don't get it. Why is there an entire website dedicated to sorting playlists?

Because well sorted playlists are just better. Sort by Tune makes ordering playlists as simple as clicking a button, or as flexible as you want- for the playlist connoisseur, .

Can I create different playlist versions using Sort by Tune and compare them?

Yes. Sort by Tune allows you to "save-as" and generate multiple versions of your favorite playlists for experimentation. Feel free to compare, contrast, and fine-tune to your heart's content.

Where do I add more songs to my playlist?

On Spotify. Sort by Tune is purpose built for the simple task of ordering playlists.

I like manually organizing my playlists. Can I still do that with Sort by Tune?

You can. While Sort by Tune offers an algorithmic sorting feature, it also provides additional song data and user-friendly features that are purpose built for ordering playlists. The app is designed to simplify sorting while still giving you full control over your playlist order."

How do you sort by Key?

Key sorting is done using the Camelot Wheel. A system for matching songs that share harmonic qualities. Songs that will naturally sound good together are placed next to each other in your playlists.

Does Sort by Tune sell advertising or use my data in any other way?

It does not. Sort by Tune is a passion project created for people that love playlists. If you'd like to see more features, I am easily encouraged. You can buy me a coffee or send me some kind words.

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